Interior and exterior Water Based Stain installations

Versatile and cost effective, water based stains are a great way to change the color of your concrete. Concrete Chameleon uses Brickform Artesian stains to transform plain gray concrete into a colored canvas. A single color or a blend of several are used to create your desired, unique look. Add a saw cut border with a contrasting color to customize the look further.

The best surface preparation equipment is used to guarantee proper stain adhesion followed by the application of high performance sealers to protect your stain project for years.


Interior and exterior Acid Stain installations

A tradition in the decorative concrete industry, acid stains have been around for a long time. Concrete Chameleon specializes in proper preparation and staining techniques to ensure long lasting, beautiful installations.

Acid stains are chemically reactive products that permanently change the color at the surface of the slab. Every slab is different. As a result, the acid stain will react differently to create one of a kind finishes on your concrete. Concrete Chameleon seals every acid stain job with color enhancing, high performance sealers and coatings to ensure proper protection and ease of cleaning.


Stamped concrete restoration

Do you already have decorative, stamped concrete? But it’s starting to look dull and it’s lost its luster? Concrete Chameleon can change it and make that old, worn slab look new again. Whether we simply need to clean and re-seal your concrete or complete a full restoration including re-coloring and/or re-antiquing, Concrete Chameleon has the solution for existing stamped concrete.

Before Restoration

After Restoration


Stamped concrete recoloring and antiquing


Stamped concrete cleaning and resealing


Interior Microtop installations

Microtoppings are thin build overlay systems that allow for complete transformations of concrete surfaces. Ideal candidates are floors where waterproofing systems have been installed, plumbing or electrical chases have been cut in and patched, damaged floors, garage or basements that were rained on and have a weak surface, or, floors where you want the advantages of concrete but desire a more decorative surface than traditional stains.

Microtops, as the name implies, are installed in very thin lifts, usually less than 1/16th”. This allows for seamless applications that do not affect door openings or create tripping hazards. They can be installed in a natural, concrete gray finish or colored and patterned to create the look you desire. Microtops can be stained as well to create incredible floors with subtle color variations or bold colors that really pop! Add stencils or business logos to really personalize the project.


Trowel textured overlays

These overlay systems use larger sands that give them additional strength and allow for more robust texturing. Great for interior or exterior resurfacing projects, these can be patterned, stained, and/or antiqued to create natural looking surfaces that resemble flagstone, tile, slate, wood, or other materials.


Sprayed on overlays

These projects use the same material as the trowel texture overlays but are applied with a hopper gun to create a uniform texture. This application works very well for driveways, walkways, pool decks, or other areas where skid resistance is a concern. An added benefit of the spray texture is that the surface can end up being cooler to walk on in bare feet depending on the colors selected.




Stampable overlays

Do you have an existing concrete slab that is plain old gray concrete but like the look of stamped concrete? Stampable overlays are overlays that can be stamped with traditional concrete stamping tools. Applied at depths of ¼”- ½”, the result is natural looking patterns and textures that resemble, wood, tile, slate, stone, and other commonly used building materials. These overlays can be colored and stained to create very realistic outcomes. Concrete Chameleon can install this product in your screened in porch, on your patio, or in your basement or many other locations around your home or business.


Epoxy Flake Floors

The ultimate in garage floor beautification and protection. Color Flake Systems are available in many color combinations and will provide you with long term performance when paired with super tuff Polyurea clear coats. From the surface preparation to the final coating application, Concrete Chameleon will expertly transform your dull, gray concrete into one of those floors you can’t take your eyes from. Easy to sweep and clean, these floors are a cinch to maintain and keep looking great for years.


Solid Color Epoxy Floors

When performance and a clean, monochromatic look are your main goals, a solid color epoxy floor system is the ticket. Available in many colors, these floors will provide you with years of trouble free performance at a reasonable cost.


Metallic Epoxy floors

A relative newcomer to the decorative concrete industry, Metallic Epoxies have taken off like wildfire. These floors have incredible depth and color movement and will provide you with a unique, one of a kind surface. Many colors and color combinations are available to create an artistic floor that is not possible with any other product.


High Performance Urethanes and Polyurea coatings

Are you simply looking for concrete that resists stains and is easy to clean and maintain? Concrete Chameleon offers many different sealing and coating options that perform to many different levels of expectations. Call us to discuss your specific application.


Concrete cleaning

Sometimes, a good bath is all your concrete needs to look good. Armed with the best in concrete cleaning equipment and chemicals, Concrete Chameleon can take your dirty old slab and make it look fresh and clean.


Concrete repair and restoration services

Simply need some patching and crack sealing? Concrete Chameleon is properly equipped with the materials and know how to take care of common concrete maladies.


Exposed Aggregate cleaning, crack filling, and sealing

Exposed aggregate concrete has a natural beauty and decorative quality. However, the process of exposing the aggregate leaves the most porous part of the slab open to the elements. Regular cleaning and sealing is required or else these exposed areas will fill up with dirt and algae and will leave the concrete looking dirty all the time. Concrete Chameleon will clean and remove all of this and then seal your concrete with high performance acrylic sealers that will enhance the color and protect the surface. Have a crack too? Our crack filling process uses colored, flexible, urethane sealants along with embedding local sands and aggregates to blend the crack in with its surroundings. The result is cracks that all but disappear. Call us today for a quote.


Small concrete slabs – broom finish and stamped

Although Concrete Chameleon is primarily a stain and coating contractor, we do pour some concrete as well. We are not set up to do large slabs though and 300-350 square foot slabs are about our max. Whether its broom finished or stamped and colored concrete, we can help you solve your needs.